Speaker: John Celentano, "Emerging Healthcare Markets"

Having served as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Public Affairs and Philanthropy at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company since 2010, John Celentano has a long career in healthcare and gave his speech on the future of healthcare industries on March 31 in a WUHC & Emerging Markets Club collaboration.

Healthcare, he claims, will become centered around consumers and patients as opposed to the product being produced. He also noted that this change was a result of technological improvement and the fact that innovation has now become harder and harder due to the history of healthcare. Another interesting fact brought up was that data management has become increasingly important in the healthcare business. Studies show that out of the companies with data management above a certain level, 77% of them have performance that is also above a certain level. Celentao’s expertise is not only in healthcare but also his experience in consulting and management.

Some words of advice Celentano has to give to the graduates and undergraduates were that always follow your passion. At the end of every year, Celentano quits Bristol Myers Squibb in his head, and then decides if he wants to be rehired or to go to a different company. It’s because leaving instead of getting fired is much better, and getting fired will happen eventually if you don’t want to be there.