WUHC Summer: Sneak Peak!

Procrastinating so much that you’re thinking about next summer? Today’s weather have you reminiscing about summer? Yeah us too.

Read below to learn how some of WUHC took on the summer to get some ideas for your next summer experience!

Cheshta (Speaker Series):

This summer, I conducted research on the impact of online discussion forums like Piazza, on college students’ performance in class. Specifically, we studied how participation in the form of questions asked, answered, read, and even logins (among other parameters) on Piazza affected students’ final grades. Our ultimate goal in this ongoing project is to examine whether this effect differs across student groups by race, gender, socio-economic background, etc. In a highly diverse environment such as the one we studied, we suspect that online boards may hold particularly significant value for students who may otherwise refrain from forming study groups.

Sharika (Speaker Series):

My name is Sharika Bamezai, and I am a new member on the Speaker Series Committee this fall. This past summer, I researched in a biomedical lab and worked at the UCC Hypertension Clinic in East Parkside. In the lab, I am currently investigating the role of the protein Piezo1 on heart development in mice. In addition, the UCC Hypertension Clinic provides medical and counseling services to uninsured hypertensive patients. Getting to know the patients and helping them take the next step towards applying for Medicaid to ultimately establish a permanent primary care provider has been an extremely rewarding experience. This summer, I also started working with clinic members to design and execute a Community Needs Assessment in the East Parkside and West Parkside neighborhoods.

Chetna (Speaker Series Committee Chair) :

This summer, I interned as a Management Consulting Analyst for Accenture in Boston. I worked across several different workstreams on the Org Readiness (change management) team for a large-scale EMR implementation at a non-profit healthcare provider system. I spent the majority of my time assisting with the processes of impact management and stakeholder engagement tracking.  Impact management is the process of working with project application teams, client leadership, and the appropriate end users to understand how the many day-to-day workflows would change following system implementation and how to best prepare for those changes.  Stakeholder Engagement Tracking is a way to assess the confidence of key stakeholders at the client site about moving forward with their day-to-day work following system implementation. Emerging from this summer, I have learned a lot about how to address the challenges that accompany a Health IT implementation in terms of operational change and organizational adoption.

On the side, I also spent some time working with Healthcare 2020 (HC2020), a hub at Accenture for employees who are passionate to learn more about and network within the digital health industry. The Boston hub only emerged recently, and so it was great that I was able to take a central role in growing the hub as an intern (and quite a few skills from WUHC Speaker Series helped me out there!). All in all, the summer was an amazing learning experience, and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in health IT returning as a full-time analyst at Accenture starting next year!

Din (Speaker Series):

I spent this past summer at Citi in their sophomore rotational program in New York City. I spent three weeks in Real Estate Risk, Technology Investment Banking, and Consumer/Retail Corporate Banking as a summer analyst. It was a great experience in that it shed light on different parts of a large, global investment bank, and how different divisions work together to deliver the bank to clients. As a sophomore it was also a great way to sift through what my interests were and where I could see myself working in financial services early on in my college career. One thing that stood out to me was the level of responsibility some people at the firm gave me – I had the opportunity to get very hands on with some advanced financial topics that I found really interesting. This, coupled with all the opportunities to meet with senior people at the firm, really made the summer a valuable experience. Living in New York was also a huge plus – there really are a million things to do on the weekend and I still have a huge to do list that I hope to get through next summer!

Lufei (Speaker Series):

I worked at Boston Children’s Hospital as a clinical nurse assistant on the pediatric hematology/oncology floor. I worked a combination of day and night shifts, each being 12 hours long. It was a great experience because I had the opportunity to live as if I was a nurse. I only worked 3 shifts a week, so I had a lot of free time to explore Boston. I had about 6 to 10 patients during one shift, in which I was responsible for taking vital signs, their intake/output, collecting specimens, and collaborating with nurses and doctors.

Kinjal (Speaker Series):

This past summer I had the opportunity to work as a Business Analyst for Goldman Sachs in New York City. Being interested in product management as a career, this role taught me a lot about managing large groups of people across a variety of divisions and synthesizing solutions from all of the different information given to me. I learned a lot very quickly and had one of the most fast-paced summers of my life. Both working in a large firm and living in such a large city were new for me and made for a summer full of new experiences every day. From figuring out how to best handle the morning commute crowds to knowing the best places to eat to enjoying all a big city has to offer in the summer, there was not a dull moment. Being a senior, it was great being exposed to a brand new city and a potential place to live post graduation!

Ikshita (Speaker Series):

This summer, I worked at a healthcare technology startup in New York called 1DocWay. Founded by 3 Penn alumni, 1DocWay offers telepsychiatry services to hospitals and clinics to better provide high quality psychiatric care to patients who may not be able to access it otherwise. I worked as a business development intern, but more specifically did analytics work with Medicaid reimbursement, product design, and general marketing work as well. Overall, it was an incredible experience—being able to work in a startup where my work had significant impact within an industry I’m passionate about really made my summer special. I’m glad 1DocWay reaffirmed my desire to work within healthcare this summer!

Shabnam Eghbali (Conference Committee)

This past summer I worked as an intern in the research group at Kite Pharma in Santa Monica, CA. Kite Pharma is one of the major biotech companies working in the immuno-oncology space with CAR T-cell therapy. Though I cannot disclose the details of the projects I worked on, it was amazing to do research in an area that I have been reading about for the past several months. The scientists there were extremely open to helping and teaching me various research techniques and basics of immunology. Coming out of the internship, I feel more confident in my research capabilities. My experience this summer has definitely played a role in my desire to continue research in oncology now and in the future.