WUHC Summer: Venturing into Investment Banking

Madhavi Muralidharan, WUHC Member

I’m Madhavi, and I’m a rising senior studying Health & Societies in the College and Healthcare Management and Finance in Wharton. This month, I officially started my internship at Provident Healthcare Partners, LLC., a middle market healthcare investment bank located in Boston.

It was exhilarating to finally enter the tall building in the financial district for work after an emailed application and two rounds of nerve-wracking interviews. According to the official job description, my responsibilities would include, but would not be limited to, performing industry research, establishing communication with C-level executives over the phone, tracking industry performance, and preparing marketing materials.

As a rising Penn senior pursuing a dual degree in Health & Societies in the College and Healthcare Management and Finance in Wharton, this job seemed to be the ideal venue to apply my education to the intricacies of the real world. When I entered, the administrative assistant who had been my primary contact at the firm gave me a quick tour of the office, introduced me to the executives and CFO, and most importantly, showed me around the kitchen.

When the analysts arrived at 8:45 AM on the dot, they quickly reminded me about the salient features of the firm. “Provident is a middle market investment bank representing only sell-side healthcare companies….” Immediately after, various analysts and associates all came by with large books for me to read. One after another, deal summaries, valuations, and transaction histories were placed on my desk and I was to go through all of them. I was told that once I had sufficiently familiarized myself with Provident’s modus operandi, I would get an independent project to work on – something that would ultimately be of consequence to the firm. Excited and inspired by that prospect, I opened up the first book, took out my notebook, and started reading.