Andrew Ravaschiere, Career Development Chair


Andrew is a junior from New York City studying biology.  He is interested in the relationship between clinical medicine, medical research, biomedical innovation, finance, and marketing.  Outside of WUHC, Andrew is a published researcher on organism response to environmental stress (, and is currently studying the effects of hypoxia on various cellular molecular pathways under Dr. Frank Lee at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  He has served as the CFO of a student-run microfinance investment group, as an undergraduate board member on the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and has designed, with the sponsorship of Dr. Vani Kulkarni (Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania), a pilot study to examine the relationship between self-monitoring and improved blood-pressure outcome in a hypertensive West Philadelphia population.  In addition, Andrew, interested in how the power of narrative shapes our belief systems, has won first and third place for two consecutive years in the Brooklyn Public Library Teen Writing Contest, and served as one of twelve nationwide TIME for Kids Kid Reporters.  He is minoring in Cinema and Media Studies, is an avid baseball fan, and also finds a place in his heart for basketball and contemporary art.

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