Event Recap: A Surgeon's Story of Healthcare Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Jeffrey Port, acclaimed thoracic surgeon at Weill Cornell Medical Center and co-founder of Angiocrine Biosciences, shared his insight on the opportunities that exist at the intersection of medicine and business. Dr. Port began with a brief slideshow recounting the cornerstone moments in his career, specifically focusing on how his experiences in the operating room, coupled with his rigorous science education, allowed him to think progressively and practically about how to address some of the inefficiencies and shortcomings in the current provision of healthcare. After co-founding RF Surgical Systems, a company that brought forth a device to detect surgical sponges, Dr. Port worked with colleagues from both the scientific sphere and financial world to establish Angiocrine, a company with the goal of revolutionizing regenerative medicine using E-CEL technology. Following his presentation, Dr. Port opened up the floor for a an engaging session of questions. Some of the major points he addressedincluded strategies for accelerating the FDA approval process, the value in gaining expertise in more than one field and the technical and ethical implications of practicing medicine while working with a for-profit company.