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Industry Group


 WUHC's discussion and project based Industry Groups provide a space for engaging in healthcare issues with like minded students on a weekly basis.

As a part of a WUHC Industry Group, you will have the opportunity to explore many fields of healthcare by discussing current events with your group members, participating in coffee chats with professionals in your field, and tackling industry related projects.

WUHC's two Industry Groups are:


Healthcare Innovation

This group will focus on entrepreneurial trends in the healthcare sector and look at innovators in the field. Of importance are the issues that arise within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including biotech funding and drug supply chain from research lab to market. This group will also investigate how healthcare ventures are conceived and built into profitable organizations. We will look at case studies of past healthcare companies that brought commercial products to market, identify and discuss how to build start-ups into successful companies, look at trends in the healthcare entrepreneurship world, and hear from industry experts who have experience in healthcare innovation.

Healthcare Policy & Administration

This group will delve into the United State's rapidly evolving healthcare policy along with the complex way in which healthcare is administered. Of importance will be analyzing the players involved in healthcare delivery, including insurance companies and large health systems. Recent speaker and discussion subjects have included national health care spending, hospital mergers, changing physician-patient relationships, quality metrics, effective provider networks, and hospital costs. Overall, the group will aim to address issues, trends, and challenges affecting both hospitals and payers.


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