Industry Groups

Industry Groups are WUHC's educational branch, composed of interest-based discussion groups led by an experienced member. In the fall semester, Industry Groups learn about their industry of choice through reading and discussion. In the spring semester, Industry Groups apply their knowledge through a project and townhall presentation. For example, groups have planned their own site visits or worked on developing their own mobile health apps.

Industry Group Chair: Humberto Fernandez

Industry Groups for Spring 2017:

1. Hospital and Insurance Group
Leader: Jack You

Jack You currently leads the Hospital Administration and Insurance Industry Group Leader for WUHC. A freshman in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in the Life Sciences and Management at the University of Pennsylvania, Jack is passionate about the field healthcare. He hopes to become a physician executive someday, working in both healthcare policy-making and healthcare management to create a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system. In his free time, Jack enjoys creating his own recipes in the kitchen, taking long-distanced runs, and writing creative literary pieces. 

The Hospital Administration and Insurance Industry Group focuses on understanding the intricacies and complexities surrounding today’s state of the healthcare system. Drawing upon member-contributed articles, the group meets bi-weekly to discuss a pertinent topic facing today’s healthcare field, using these discussions and articles to prepare for future case competitions and essay competitions regarding the healthcare sector. Members can expect a deep understanding of both the inner workings of the hospital as well as the inner workings of an insurance company after a semester of consistent participation. 

2. Pharma and Biotech Group
Marie Ghosn


Marie Ghosn is a Sophomore studying Biology with a concentration in mechanisms of disease. She is interested in healthcare management as well as going to medical school. Outside of WUHC, she conducts research on neurodegenerative diseases at the Yang Lab at the Perelman School of Medicine. She is also part of the Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance Team and is involved in the Lebanese Club.

3. Healthcare Entrepreneurship Group
Leader: Christina Zhou


Christina Zhou is a junior from New York City studying Health & Societies with a concentration in Health Policy & Law. She is interested in inviting professionals across disciplines to collaborate for broad healthcare change. Outside of WUHC, Christina works as a Program Assistant providing guidance for international students at the Penn's English Language Programs. She also enjoys sparring in kendo, recording song covers, and programming nifty projects. 

Entrepreneurship creates a unique and rewarding experience each semester by prizing each member's strengths and goals. We are an eclectic mix of students from all 4 schools. What brings us together is our exceptional passion for driving healthcare change. Entrepreneurship targets three crucial qualities for success in healthcare startups - teamwork, leadership, and intellectual humility - and promotes these qualities in our members through project-based learning. Entrepreneurship also gives our members on-the-ground experience with the many roles they might play in a startup: project management, operations, outreach, public relations, and others. In 2016 Fall, we created our own MVPs (Minimum Viable Projects) for daily health problems. Our current 2017 Spring project is designing an app linking students with healthcare startups in the Northeast region. We welcome those who are committed to learning from others to apply to our team.

Pharma and Biotech Group Members:
Joonick Ahn
Diana Sieh
Jack Wang
Joy Sun
Melinda Hu
Morris Esformes
Vishal Tien

4. Health Econonomics and Policy Group
Leader: Alexander Ross


Alexander Ross is a junior from New Braunfels, TX studying Health and Societies. He is particularly interested in finance and healthcare policy and hopes to become a surgeon. Outside of WUHC, Alexander is an executive board member in Penn's Political coalition and is involved in Penn Ivy Council. He enjoys watching basketball and baseball and is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs and the Texas Rangers.