Industry Groups

Industry Groups are WUHC's educational branch, composed of interest-based discussion groups led by an experienced member. In the fall semester, Industry Groups learn about their industry of choice through reading and discussion. In the spring semester, Industry Groups apply their knowledge through a project and townhall presentation. For example, groups have planned their own site visits or worked on developing their own mobile health apps.

Industry Group Chair: Jack You

We have 2 Industry Groups for Fall 2017:

1. Healthcare Policy & Administration
Co-Leaders: Alexander Ross & Jack You

This group will delve into the United State's rapidly evolving healthcare policy along with the complex way in which healthcare is administered. Of importance will be analyzing the players involved in healthcare delivery, including insurance companies and large health systems. Recent speaker and discussion subjects have included national health care spending, hospital mergers, changing physician-patient relationships, quality metrics, effective provider networks, and hospital costs. Overall, the group will aim to address issues, trends, and challenges affecting both hospitals and payers. 

Healthcare Policy & Administration Group Members:
Seetha Aribindi
Mia Fatuzzo
Miku Fujita
Erick Garza
Matteo Geatti
Panagiotis Gourlias
Saitej Guttikonda
Youseff Jakher
Emma Johnson
Patricia Kamwela
Mark Kim
Rachel Levin
Elina Ma
Geeta Minocha
Jonathan Ni
Juliette Nutovits
Owen O'Hare
Sima Parekh
Phyllis Parkansky
Gabrielle Ramirez
Ila Sethi
Anastasia Shabalov
Vaishnavi Sharma
Lucy Sumner
Owen Voutsinas-Klose
Kiran Zindani

2. Healthcare Innovation
Co-Leaders: Marie Ghosn & Joy Sun
This group will focus on entrepreneurial trends in the healthcare sector and look at innovators in the field. Of importance are the issues that arise within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including biotech funding and drug supply chain from research lab to market. This group will also investigate how healthcare ventures are conceived and built into profitable organizations. We will look at case studies of past healthcare companies that brought commercial products to market, identify and discuss how to build start-ups into successful companies, look at trends in the healthcare entrepreneurship world, and hear from industry experts who have experience in healthcare innovation.

Healthcare Innovation Group Members:
Joonick Ahn
Simona Bank
Anirudh Bikmal
Vikas L Bommineni
Lutong Cai
Lucy Cao
Miguel Manique Correia
Helen Fetaw
Adit Ghosh
Abraham Gomez
Jorge Luis Gonzalez
Michael Goutnik
Neil Gramopadhye
Molly Gross
Suganth Kannan
Lavanya Kanneganti
Amanda Kwon
Howard Li
Marie Lim
Carlos D Martinez
Neelu Paleti
Valentina Rodriguez
Aris Saxena
Vraj Shroff
Diana Sieh
Krishna Suresh
Jack Talley
Uday Tripathi
Alvin Tsuei
Jack Wang
Johnny Webster
Grace Wu
Carolyn Xie