MBA & Alumni Relations

MBA & Alumni Relations at WUHC aims to be the liaison between undergraduates at Penn and our alumni in healthcare professions. Our mentorship program will provide opportunities to network, learn, and build relationships with alumni with industry experience. Students will be paired up with mentors who are usually MBA & Ph.D. Health Care Management Graduate Students. MBA & Alumni Relations plans a host of casual socializing and formal mentoring events for these pairs. We also host general networking events regularly with alumni in the Philadelphia/NYC region open to all WUHC members. We also develop and maintain an extensive alumni network of some 1500-1600 individuals for networking and career advice.

MBA & Alumni Relations Chair: Tiberiu Mihaila

Members:Matt Payne
Adam Alghalith
Ryan Chun
Andrew Clark
Nancy Cui
Emily D'Elia
Saitej Guttikonda
Michelle Kim
Katherine Novak


If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
— Isaac Newton

We hope you will help us nurture future healthcare leaders, whether it is by joining our Alumni Database, mentoring a student, or attending our networking events. If you are interested in connecting with WUHC, please fill out the form below. We will add you to a monthly newsletter about upcoming alumni events and mentorship programs. See photos below from our recent event at the Penn Club in NYC.

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