Luncheon Series

The Luncheon Series Committee hosts luncheons every other week, where healthcare experts and Penn professors come to discuss their work with 10-15 students about their field of work. Our luncheons and panels consist of a diverse range students looking to pursue careers in health consulting, medicine, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals and public policy.

The small number of students yields an intimate meal where health professionals lead the discussion by talking about their experiences and students get to ask questions about their expertise. In the past we have had incredible speakers like Dr. Doranz, past CEO of Integral Molecular and Dr. Williams, Penn Chief of General Internal Medicine.

Member Tasks: Members are involved in direct outreach to potential speakers and tackle the logistical issues of event-planning. Members decide the themes and areas of healthcare on which events focus. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals.

Luncheon Series Chair: Raveen Kariyawasam

Ken Jiao, Gloria Kim, Kian Sadeghi