Penn breathes Entrepreneurship. Be part of that proud community!

Each year, President’s Engagement and Innovation Prize awards students up to $150,000 for their entrepreneurial skills. We want to make sure that you are ready for such a challenge.  

We run the Incubator Initiative. This program prepares students from all the backgrounds with no prior experience. This committee is focused on providing resources in the healthcare field so the students can pursue their passion and expand their career interests. Specifically, students interested in a similar field are paired-up in a team. Then, with the help of industry experts, guest speakers, and mentors, each team identifies a problem that they will like to solve. After that, they go on to find a solution which is marketable and viable in multitude dimensions. Finally, they present their solution and business plan in a pitch competition. There you can win cash prizes!

Intimidated? Don’t be! We are here to help at every stage of entrepreneurship. With the mentorship of industry experts and resources from WUHC, it will be literally the best Penn experience.

Entrepreneurship is the future— be a part of it!

Contact the committee lead Vraj Shroff: wuhc.entrepreneurship@gmail.com