Speaker Series

This series involves preeminent leaders who introduce and discuss industry insights from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consulting, Banking, Clinical, Research/Academia, Public Health & Policy, Government, and more. Each semester, we have eight to ten speakers from different industries related to healthcare come and address our members. These speakers are from the areas of Hospital System, Healthcare Finance, Commercial Lending Platform, Academia, IT solutions, Law, and Pharmaceutical Services.

Member Tasks: Members are involved in direct outreach to potential speakers and tackle the logistical issues of event-planning. Members decide the themes and areas of healthcare on which events focus. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals.

Speaker Series Chair: Mahip Grewal

Sharika Bamezai
Emily Cheng
Joanna Jialin Hu
Michael Z Lu
Jared Marks
Gabriel Sokoloff
Vedant Thyagaraj
Carolyn Xie