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[CAREER] Corporate Dinner: "Future of Healthcare"

Wed April 12 from 6-8 PM in Perry World House World Forum. Catered Di Bruno Bros dinner will be served!
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Please join WUHC and AIR for the grand finale of our Future of Healthcare event series. We’ve put together a prestigious and diverse group of speakers to help answer the question: what is the future of healthcare? Students will have the opportunity to network with all of the speakers before sitting down to dinner with one of their requested speakers.

Speakers include the president of a major hospital health network and America's pioneering physician-businessman (and creator of a precursor to today's BBB major)! Check out the full list below:
Dr. Arthur Klein (President of Mount Sinai Health Network)
Dr. Mitchell Blutt (CEO, Consonance Capital) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_J._Blutt
Dr. David Nash (Dean, Jefferson College of Population Health) - Named one of Modern Healthcare's "most powerful persons" 
Mr. Terry Booker (VP Corporate Development and Innovation, Independence Blue Cross)
Dr. Amol S. Navathe (Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine)
Councilwoman Cindy Bass (Councilwoman of Philadelphia's District 8 and Chair of the Committee on Health and Human Services)
Dr. Srinath Adusumalli (Chief Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine)
Ms. Carolyn Magill (CEO, Remedy Partners)
Mrs. Lynn Garbee (Senior Director, Strategic Reimbursement and Collaborative Care, Cigna) 
Ms. Nancy Lewin (Managing Director, Nancy Lewin Brand & Marketing Strategic Advisors)

[CAREER] Healthcare Alumni Networking Event

Fri April 14 from 6:30 PM - 8 PM in Sweeten Alumni House. Refreshments from Di Bruno Bros will be provided!
Link to FB event here. MUST RSVP HERE.

WUHC's MBA/Alumni Relations Committee is excited to announce our Alumni Networking Event, which will take place at the Sweeten Alumni House on April 14 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. It will be a great way for undergraduates to connect and network with Penn Alumni in the professional healthcare space. The 17 alumni that will be present include: David Kratochvil (CFO of VolitionRX Limited)Joel Kaufman (a lead analyst at Goldman Sachs working in healthcare), and more!

[LUNCHEON] "Combating the Healthcare Overutilization Crisis w/ Dr. Sankey Williams"

Tuesday April 11th from 12 PM - 1 PM in the Colonial Penn Center, Chestnut Room. Must RSVP below.

Considering the importance of cutting the growth of healthcare costs and overutilization in the U.S., what aspects go into healthcare decisions from a provider’s perspective? Analyzing how physicians make medical decisions and decide which diagnostic tests to carry out is an important determinant of cost in the healthcare system. Dr. Sankey Williams, MD, has had a wealth of experience from both a practitioner and researcher’s perspective. He was previously Chief of Penn’s Division of General Internal Medicine and appointed Commissioner on the U.S. Congress's Prospective Payment Assessment Commission, which advised Congress about changes in Medicare payments to hospitals. Dr. Williams has published over 60 articles about his work in health service research, generally focusing on physician decision making and in received the Society of General Internal Medicine’s Robert J. Glaser award for exceptional contributions in research and education.

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Past 2017 Events

[CAREER] Corporate Site Visit to Accolade


Fri April 7th at 9 AM - noon in Plymouth Meeting (Philadelphia suburbs). Travel will be provided!

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Join WUHC as we visit Accolade, a healthcare company that serves as concierge for employers, health plans and health systems. Accolade's 700 employees across the nation help people navigate healthcare systems more easily. The idea is to make things more approachable so that doctors are able to deliver the best care possible and costs are driven down. Accolade has over 1 million customers from Comcast, Lowe's, Amerigas, Temple, and more. Learn more here: www.accolade.com/
In order to reserve your spot, you must Venmo a $20 deposit to 917-751-2842. Your $20 will be refunded upon showing up the morning of the trip. Please email wuhc.careerdevelopment@gmail.com for any questions or concerns. 

**MUST RESERVE A SPOT: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyEs0iN0QBD1rcxbGhtUOpdQPxRs-gERLlc66RmjsGV5h42w/viewform?c=0&w=1**

[PANEL] "WUHC x BMES: An Ethics Talk on Medical Adherence Monitoring w/Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Mehta"

Tuesday, March 21 in JMHH F85 from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. Dinner will be served.

Link to Facebook event here

Fifty percent of chronic disease patients don’t take medicines as prescribed. So should doctors use technologies that enable them to see whether patients have taken their medications? Come to the WUCH X BMES panel on Tuesday, Mar. 21st at 6:30PM and learn more about the ethical and behavioral economic aspects of medical adherence. The panel features Dr. Harald Schmidt, professor from the Medical Ethics department, who will discuss recent technological advances in monitoring medication adherence and key ethical issues; and Dr. Shivan Mehta, who was directly involved in the design of the HeartStrong program, a trial that aimed at increasing medication adherence among patients with coronary artery disease and implemented many new monitoring technologies. Come to this talk panel to hear about a cutting edge development in biomedical engineering caught in the cross winds of health policy and ethics. 

[PANEL] "The Future of Healthcare - Private Practice w/ Dr. Pollack"

March, 3/22 in JMHH 360 from 7 - 8 PM. Dinner will be served!

Link to FB event here

Curious about the future of medical private practices? Interested in starting your own private practice in the future? Or maybe even the business behind running a practice? AIR and WUHC are partnering to host the second event in our "Future of Healthcare" series. Come and explore the field of Private Practices: what are they, why should you be interested, and how might they change? Join us on March 22, 7pm to 8pm in JMHH 360. A number of healthcare professionals will be present to answer your questions, share their stories, and give you a better understanding of how the landscape of private practice might shift in the near future. 

David M. Pollack, MD is the founder and senior physician of the practice (CHOP Care Delaware County). He received his BA from Brown in 1975 and MD from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1979, completing his Pediatric residency at Babies Hospital, NYC in 1983. In addition to his office commitment to General Pediatrics, he serves on numerous CHOP committees, and for over 25 years has taught both UPenn med students and CHOP residents their office based Pediatric medicine, maintaining a UPenn academic appointment. From the outset he has been dedicated to providing accessible, reliable, and empathetic family care, focusing on not only the physical, but also the social, academic, and emotional components of children's well being, from birth until their 19th birthday.

[PANEL] "WUHC X AIR Present: The Future of Healthcare Investing w/ Mark Epstein and Dr. Adam Lessler"

Wednesday, March 29 in Location TBA from 6 - 7 PM. Dinner will be served!

Link to FB event here

Interested in healthcare banking or private equity? Still looking for your summer 2K18 internship? Want to learn more about the current healthcare investing space from MD and VP on the Street? Look no further. WUHC is thrilled to announce our speakers for the Future of Healthcare Investing event: 

Mark Epstein is a Partner at MTS Partners, predominantly working on deals with in life sciences and therapeutics. He is a former MD and co-head of BAML's PE Placements Group and has over fifteen years of experience with transactions within healthcare. He will be discussing the venture market and IPO/public market. 

Dr. Adam Lessler is VP at Canepa Healthcare, a PE growth fund with healthcare focus based in NYC. Prior to Canepa, Dr. Lessler worked at McKinsey & Co. particularly focusing on M&A/partnership strategy. He also completed his internship in emergency medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and worked as an analyst in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs

Our speakers are ready to break down the market for you. See you at 6PM on Mar. 29. 

[LUNCHEON 3/15] "Combating Unhealthy Eating through Policy w/ Dr. Christina Roberto"

Luncheon Series-logo-black.png

Wednesday 3/15, 12 PM at Colonial Penn Center: Chestnut Room. Lunch will be provided!

Considering the rise of obesity as a truly global epidemic, how can public health officials design effective interventions to reduce unhealthy eating behaviors? Dr. Christina Roberto, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine who is exploring the factors which promote unhealthy eating and how to best improve eating habits. Leveraging her expertise in the fields of psychology, behavioral economics, epidemiology, and public health as both a clinical psychologist and epidemiologist, she directs the Psychology of Eating And Consumer Health (PEACH) lab as its principle investigator, which seeks to identify and evaluate public policies to prevent nutrition-related diseases around the world.
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[MIXER 3/15] "WUHC x AIR Present - The Future of Healthcare Series: Careers"

Wednesday 3/15, 7 PM at Perry World House's World Forum. Greek Lady will be provided!
Link to Facebook event here

Interested in a healthcare career, but can't decide what to focus on? Join WUHC and AIR as we kick-off our "Future of Healthcare" series, featuring 4 major events that shed light on the complexity of modern-day healthcare. This series will be a great way to gain exposure to many aspects of healthcare, beyond the typical roles of medicine. The series will build up to our formal Corporate Dinner with accomplished professionals and many networking opportunities.
Start out by exploring different career areas at our Future of Healthcare Careers event on March 15th from 7 - 8 PM in Perry World House's World Forum. Experts from healthcare tech, consulting/banking, policy, and research will share their professional stories and answer your questions. Each attendee will rotate between two out of four panels while enjoying Greek Lady! PLEASE RSVP.

[SPEAKER 3/16] "A Look into the FDA and Pharmaceutical Industry with Dr. Yan Wang"

Thursday 3/16, 6 PM at JMHH F50. Dinner will be served!

Want to learn more about the FDA and pharmaceutical industry? Come join Dr. Yan Wang (PhD) to discuss the FDA and its impact in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Yan Wang had worked for Amylin Pharmaceuticals for numerous years before joining the FDA, where she is now the Team Leader in charge of overseeing the statistical review for ophthalmology and transplant drug products.

[PANEL 2/23] "A Closer Look at the Health Insurance Industry"

Thursday 2/23, 6:30 PM at JMHH F85. Greek Lady will be provided!
Link to Facebook event here

Come out to our Healthcare Insurance Reform panel featuring Ani Vemprala, co-founder of Picwell, an analytics company that helps consumers rank health plan options, and Dr. Atul Kamath, health insurance policy expert from Penn Medicine. The panel will focus on the evolving health insurance landscape in the US, the future of industry, and how research and entrepreneurship can intersect to create a stronger health insurance system.

[SPEAKER 2/13] "Comparing Global Healthcare Delivery w/ Dr. Aiken"

Monday 2/13, 6 PM in JMHH 245. Han Dynasty will be provided!
Link to Facebook event here

Interested in global health and comparative health systems? Join Dr. Linda H. Aiken (PhD, FAAN, FRCN, RN) on February 13th, 6-7 PM to discuss the differences and similarities of global healthcare systems, specifically from the provider's perspective. Dr. Aiken is the founder and leader of the International Hospital Outcomes Consortium that has conducted national studies in 16 countries in many parts of the world. In addition, she is the Director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania. 

[GBM 1/13] Spring Recruitment Info Session

Wednesday 1/18, 7 PM in SHDH 215. Dinner will be provided!
Link to Facebook event here

Named Wharton's "Best Large Club" 2016 by Wharton Council, the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club provides a wide variety of opportunities to explore your interests in every aspect of healthcare and business. To find out more and enjoy a delicious catered dinner, come to WUHC's first GBM of the new year on Wednesday, January 18 at 7pm! We will be giving an overview of the exciting events planned for 2017. Looking for ways to get involved? We will be recruiting new committee members this semester. Anyone is welcome to apply! Board members will be available afterwards to answer any questions. Like our FB page to stay updated with upcoming events and interesting healthcare&business facts: www.facebook.com/pennwuhc. See you all there!

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