Founded in 2008, WUHC has grown to become the University of Pennsylvania's premier healthcare organization, serving members from all 4 undergraduate schools.

Our Mission

We recognize the growing interdependence between emerging healthcare and business management. As such, the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club seeks to educate its members on all aspects of healthcare business, science, and policy. We believe in creating a space where future leaders with common interests can learn how to discuss important issues, solve problems with creativity and collaboration, and find career opportunities that will enable them to lead positive change in the healthcare system.

[WUHC] brings together people from so many schools and industry experiences, but the common thread is that everyone in the room wants to use business and policy to make a difference for patients.
— Imran Cronk, President 2015 and Analyst at Mt. Sinai
WUHC has played an invaluable role in my Penn experience, providing me with career guidance, support, and lifelong friendships.
— Georgia Huang, President 2017 and Analyst at DaVita

What We've Achieved

  • Wharton's "Most Collaborative Event" 2017
  • Wharton's "Best Large Club" 2016
  • Wharton's "Best Small Club" 2014
  • 400+ General Body Members
  • 70+ Committee Members
  • 50+ Industry Group Members
  • The United States' largest undergraduate healthcare conference
  • Strong alumni network with regular events in NYC and Philadelphia
  • 50+ events per year

Our Structure

Executive Board (13): Meet the team here.

Committee Members (70+): Become a Committee Member by applying at the start of each semester. Recruitment involves a short written application and a personal interview. Students from any undergraduate school at Penn are welcome to apply. Join our listserv or like our Facebook to be notified about recruitment timelines. Committee members plan WUHC's events and receive priority access to resources such as the Alumni Database. WUHC is composed of 10 committees that help members gain various skillsets for the professional world. Check out our PowerPoint from a past General Body Meeting for more information. 

Industry Group Members (50+): Become an Industry Group Member by applying at the start of each semester. Industry Group Members learn about an area of healthcare in the fall and carry out a project in the spring. Groups themes have included: Healthcare Innovation, Policy and Administration, Entrepreneurship, Pharma and Biotech, and more. Students from any undergraduate school at Penn are welcome to join. Learn more here.

General Body Member (400+): Become a General Body Member simply by joining our listserv. No applications or interviews are involved. Students from any undergraduate school at Penn are welcome to join. General Body Members receive our weekly newsletter, attend events, and make WUHC everything that it is. 

What Committee Members Gain

  • Priority registration for networking and professional opportunities
  • First-to-know about job and internship opportunities
  • Exclusive access to our alumni database with 1500-1600 contacts
  • Valuable event-planning and logistical skills