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Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club

Penn's Premier Healthcare Club | Winner of Wharton Council's "Best Large Club" 2016


Founded in 2008, WUHC has grown to become the University of Pennsylvania's premier healthcare organization, serving members from all 4 undergraduate schools. WUHC is a thriving healthcare community that seeks to foster future healthcare leaders by providing a space for smart discussion, collaborative problem-solving, and mutual support.


OUR achievements



  • Wharton's "Most Collaborative Event" 2017

  • Wharton's "Best Large Club" 2016

  • Wharton's "Best Small Club" 2014


  • 50+ events per year

  • Annual Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Conference

Student Involvement

Our members get exposure to a wide range of healthcare topics, with the chance to interact with extraordinary speakers while gaining developmental opportunities and receiving mentorship.

Meet the Team

Our Board is made up of incredible students from all schools and graduating classes. We're connected through our love for healthcare, planning, leading, and having fun. 

Partner with Us

Our partners enable us to plan over 50 great events per year. We are determined to bring value to our partners, and offer sponsorship, consulting, and investment opportunities.