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Our committees and their members are what make WUHC everything that it is. We recruit new teammates every semester, so stay tuned for opportunities by joining our listserv!

Joining WUHC means getting access to our vast resources of industry executives, career opportunities, mentors, skill development workshops, alumni database, and more.

Speaker Series | Luncheon Series | Conference | Career Development | MBA & Alumni Relations | Innovation & Impact | Penn Healthcare Review | Marketing | Finance | Entrepreneurship

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Speaker Series

This series involves preeminent leaders who introduce and discuss industry insights from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consulting, Banking, Clinical, Research/Academia, Public Health & Policy, Government, and more. Each semester, we have eight to ten speakers from different industries related to healthcare come and address our members. 

Member Tasks: Members are involved in direct outreach to potential speakers and tackle the logistical issues of event-planning. Members decide the themes and areas of healthcare on which events focus. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals.

Speaker Series Chair: Emily Cheng (Fall), Isabella Tagliaferri (Spring)

Maya Davidov, Caroline Goldberg, Santoshi Kandula, Nicole Kim, Priya Kumar, Nico Santiago, Gabe Sokoloff, Carolyn Xie

Luncheon Series

The Luncheon Series Committee hosts luncheons every other week, where healthcare experts and Penn professors come to discuss their work with 10-15 students about their field of work. Our luncheons and panels consist of a diverse range students looking to pursue careers in health consulting, medicine, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals and public policy.

The small number of students yields an intimate meal where health professionals lead the discussion by talking about their experiences and students get to ask questions about their expertise. In the past we have had incredible speakers like Dr. Doranz, past CEO of Integral Molecular and Dr. Williams, Penn Chief of General Internal Medicine.

Member Tasks: Members are involved in direct outreach to potential speakers and tackle the logistical issues of event-planning. Members decide the themes and areas of healthcare on which events focus. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals.

Luncheon Series Chair: Raveen Kariyawasam

Ken Jiao, Gloria Kim, Kian Sadeghi



Each November, we hold the largest annual undergraduate healthcare conference of the nation. WUHConference includes 2 famous keynote speakers, 4 speaker panels, a networking luncheon, sponsored case competition, resume workshop, and dessert reception. Our past keynotes have included Chairman/CEO of Cardinal Health George S. Barrett, Next-Gen sequencing inventor Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, Merck’s ex-CEO Roy Vagelos, Siemens Medical Solutions USA President David Pacitti, Regeneron CSO Dr. George Yancopoulos, and CDCN Founder Dr. David Fajgenbaum, among other top executives and professionals. Students have been able to interact with leaders in the field, engage in smaller networking experiences, and even land internships. More information can be found at

Member Tasks: Committee members are involved in reaching out to potential speakers, organizing the case competition/professional workshops, contacting other collegiate healthcare clubs, ordering merchandise/supplies, marketing, and logistical event-planning. Members decide the conference theme and panel topics. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals and gain invaluable event-planning skills.

Conference Chair: Evelyn Gotlieb

Matthew Batnick, Tyler Friedsam, Robin Hu, Jared Lefkort, Sophie Michaels, Dan Rodriguez, Neel Vallurupalli

MBA & Alumni Relations

MBA & Alumni Relations at WUHC aims to be the liaison between undergraduates at Penn and our alumni in healthcare professions. Our mentorship program will provide opportunities to network, learn, and build relationships with alumni with industry experience. Students will be paired up with mentors who are usually MBA & Ph.D. Health Care Management Graduate Students. MBA & Alumni Relations plans a host of casual socializing and formal mentoring events for these pairs. We also host general networking events regularly with alumni in the Philadelphia/NYC region open to all WUHC members. We also develop and maintain an extensive alumni network of some 1500-1600 individuals for networking and career advice.

MBA & Alumni Relations Chair: Tiberiu Mihaila


Matt Payne, Adam Alghalith, Ryan Chun, Andrew Clark, Nancy Cui, Emily D'Elia, Saitej Guttikonda, Michelle Kim, Katherine Novak


Career Development

Career Development at WUHC aims to be the liaison between undergraduates at Penn and the corporate world. We organize opportunities for students to personally interact with corporate leaders by planning site visitations to places such as Independent Blue Cross, Accolade, Mt. Sinai, and MTS Health Partners. Furthermore, Career Development also brings corporate leaders onto campus and hosts WUHC's largest spring event, the Corporate Dinner. The business-formal Corporate Dinner includes short presentations from speakers followed by dinner discussion. Speakers have hailed from Merck, the World Bank, the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Discovery Program, Accenture, McKinsey, the National Bureau of Economics Research, and more. Career Development also leads WUHC's sponsor outreach efforts. 

Member Tasks: We look for members with connections in the corporate world. Members are in charge of outreach to sponsors and potential site visit hosts. Members are also in charge of speaker outreach and logistics for the Corporate Dinner. Members learn how to market to sponsors and to network effectively. 

Career Development Chair: Saitej Guttikonda

Vice Chair: Adam Alghalith

Talia Hoffman, Greis Kapexhiu, Katharine Larson, Jacob Newsham, Ravi Patel, Bhavya Shah, Ben Swanson

Innovation & Impact

Often described as the "Google X" of WUHC, Innovation & Impact aims to expand WUHC's offering of activities and resources by testing out new initiatives. Successful initiatives are then passed on permanently to another WUHC committee. So far, I&I has piloted a series of successful "Day in Healthcare" workshops in partnership with West Philadelphia schools. WUHC members develop lesson plans to teach students about the role of healthcare in their daily life and healthcare careers.

Innovation and Impact Chair: Eric Shan

Vikram Krishnamoorthy, Felix Li, Jessica McGuigan


Penn Healthcare Review

Penn Healthcare Review (PHR) is WUHC's peer-reviewed, undergraduate publication. We welcome submissions from any undergraduate at Penn. Members can join one of three teams: Editorial, Strategy and Design, and Business. Scroll down for our Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 issues.

Penn Healthcare Review Editor-in-Chief: Elaine Ma

Editorial Aleksandra Golos, Grace Mock, Neelu Paleti, Leah Ragno, Madeline Smith

Design Judy Choi, Lachlan Cormie


The Marketing committee is one of the only non-healthcare specific WUHC branches. Marketing is in charge of maintaining WUHC's brand name, promoting our events both inside and outside of the Penn community, and recruiting members. Marketing maintains WUHC's website and social media presence. Marketing works closely with WUHC's other committees to address their needs, such as creating promotional videos for the Conference.

Marketing Committee Chair: Emma Lu

Lucy Cao, Sophia Dai, Emily Lo, Jessica Tan, Ashley Wetzel


Member Engagement

Outside of pre-professional programming, WUHC provides a supportive community that fosters lifelong friendships. Member Engagement is in charge of planning member-appreciation events, organizing club-wide townhalls, recruiting, and creating WUHC apparel. Member Engagement is also in charge of collecting feedback from our members about how WUHC can improve.

Member Engagement Chair: Leslie Wang

Amy Zhou, Analiese Fernandez, Tiffany Sun


The finance committee is responsible to maintaining WUHC's financial accounts and to secure new sponsors for the club. Members of the finance committee works closely with other committees to provide financial support and assistance. They also work with our corporate sponsors on executing industry events or to maintain corporate relations.

Finance Chair: Yiwen Li


Hoyt Gong, Neil Gramopadhye, Rhea Nangia, Aris Saxena



Penn breathes Entrepreneurship. Be part of that proud community!

Each year, President’s Engagement and Innovation Prize awards students up to $150,000 for their entrepreneurial skills. We want to make sure that you are ready for such a challenge.  

We run the Incubator Initiative. This program prepares students from all the backgrounds with no prior experience. This committee is focused on providing resources in the healthcare field so the students can pursue their passion and expand their career interests. 

Specifically, students interested in a similar field are paired-up in a team. Then, with the help of industry experts, guest speakers, and mentors, each team identifies a problem that they will like to solve. After that, they go on to find a solution which is marketable and viable in multitude dimensions. Finally, they present their solution and business plan in a pitch competition. There you can win cash prizes!

Intimidated? Don’t be! We are here to help at every stage of entrepreneurship. With the mentorship of industry experts and resources from WUHC, it will be literally the best Penn experience.

Entrepreneurship is the future— be a part of it!

Contact the committee lead Vraj Shroff: