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Speaker Series

This series involves preeminent leaders who introduce and discuss industry insights from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consulting, Banking, Clinical, Research/Academia, Public Health & Policy, Government, and more. Each semester, we have eight to ten speakers from different industries related to healthcare come and address our members. 

Member Tasks: Members are involved in direct outreach to potential speakers and tackle the logistical issues of event-planning. Members decide the themes and areas of healthcare on which events focus. Members will forge a wide network of connections with industry professionals.

Speaker Series Chair: Emily Cheng (Fall), Isabella Tagliaferri (Spring) wuhc.speakerseries@gmail.com

Maya Davidov, Caroline Goldberg, Santoshi Kandula, Nicole Kim, Priya Kumar, Nico Santiago, Gabe Sokoloff, Carolyn Xie